Legen-dary Wingman!

As Mom’s official blogger, there are some fringe benefits…..like free grilled cheese! Last Friday I had the chance to finally try Mom’s new Wingman Grilled Cheese. Let me tell you, it was epic. In fact, I might even say legen-dary!

It was a warm, cheesy gooey, chicken wing delight and make sure you grab an extra couple napkins for this baby. There were a few other folks trying the Wingman out and it seemed like a big thumbs up from all.

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Dude, Do You Know a Good Wingman?

We have the best wingman in Vancouver here at Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck, and he is available every Friday…and his name isn’t Goose. If you are sick of a wingman who is all talk, no results….a wingman who simply can’t help close the deal, get yourself to Mom’s tomorrow or every Friday as the new Friday special is The Wingman! We’ve taken buffalo wings meat, topped with hot sauce, a sprinkle of diced celery, mozzarella and havarti all on a crusty butter grilled French loaf. See you tomorrow.

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