Keep On, Keepin’ On

Our diners have spoken out on Urban Spoon, thanks everyone! We really appreciate your words and great reviews. To quote Will Farrell in his role as Frank The Tank in Old School, “keep on, keepin’ on”.
By Jeeven – Great service! Even better food! This is THE BEST grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever tried. It was nice and crispy and it warns you up. This is the definition of comfort food. The fresh bread makes a huge difference and the Pop Shoppe pop compliments the sandwich perfectly. I’m definitely coming back here!
By krimsoncity – Never had such a good grilled cheese. What a simple dish yet why does it taste so good?? I don’t know what’s happening in Mom’s truck but there must be a secret recipe to it!
By i_say_yes – AMAZING. I would stand in the pouring rain to get a grilled cheese sandwich and cup of tomato soup from mom’s truck. so good. Wish it was parked outside my house.
By CoutureChef – This place is the diamond of quick tasty food. First you are greeted by a very friendly lady who takes you order, the team seem to be working hard but the result is great, the grilled cheese are the best and the soup shots was an amazing idea, big line up at midday to 1 but worth it.
By Noel – Best grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever had…. Hands down.
By Alex – Food: 10/10. This is a unique idea and tastes great. Nothing like a grilled cheese on sough dough with cheddar and bacon. I highly recommend it. I go here at least once a week and I live 2 hours away. It’s worth every minute of travel. Customer Service: 10/10 The Employees are great. They joke around and interact with you. Half of your experience is just talking to them. If you have not been yet to mom’s grilled cheese truck then you are missing out.

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