Street Food City

Food Cart City1 Moms Grilled Cheese TruckBig thank you to everyone who stopped by the Vancouver Art Gallery yesterday for Street Food City, the opportunity to sample some of Vancouver’s finest food carts all in one convenient location. The weather was good, the food was better and we were rockin’ all day! There were 20 + trucks out and we get to do it all again today at our regular location because it’s Meat Loaf Monday! Ah Yes, Meat Loaf Monday A hearty slice of home made meatloaf surrounded by melted mozzarella and marinara sauce on crusty French bread. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

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Wow Nelly! It’s Free Grilled Cheese Draw Day

Today is the day!!! Ya-hoo, it’s the big draw for one year of free grilled cheese sandwiches! Come down today to enter, we’ll be in our usual place at Howe & Robson Streets. We never got a RSVP back from our invitees to do the actual draw. Bummer. Oh well, the draw is at 3:01PM today and we are creating a video of it as well.

If you know of a special person who might be available to do the draw, let us know. You’ll have to check back here on our blog around 4:00PM to learn who the luck winner of grilled cheese for one year is.

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New Menu & Free Grilled Cheese Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day, the big free grilled cheese give away for one year!!!! What else you may wonder? Well, Mom’s fall and winter menu is almost ready to roll. We’ll have your favorites, and our famous chili will be back soon too! We are also adding a couple great vegetarian grilled cheese options as well.

Keep your eyes open for the new menu over the next couple weeks and don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for your chance to win free grilled cheese for an entire year.

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Elmer Fudd – The Grilled Cheese Song

You gotta love Elmer Fudd, and this is a classic Looney Tunes that we had no idea even existed until today…….it’s the Elmer Fudd Grilled Cheese Song. Who knew Mr. Fudd was even a fan of grilled cheese? The words out now. Happy Friday, come join us for lunch today, its Friday and The La Di Da is the featured sandwich today…..thinly sliced prosciutto, rosemary infused honey and creamy goat cheese on crusty French bread. Elmer Fudd would love it!

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