Pig Out, Dude!

This summer has been so busy, off the scale! We are lined up 10 or 20 deep every lunch hour….thank you so much again to everyone!! What are the people ordering these days? Everything is the answer, however the two big items seems to be The Fat Elvis with chocolate banana peanut butter…AND bacon.

This gal knows how to eat!!!



Now pig out! The Hot Angie with double cheese.

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The Hot Angie: The New #1 Grilled Cheese?

Why is Wednesday so special? Today’s featured grilled cheese is The Hot Angie, and it is about to overtake the Meatloaf Grilled Cheese as the #1 sandwich we serve. People are going crazy for it! Oh she’s hot! Hot capicola, hot peppers and havarti on sourdough. Nothing but sunshine today, get yourself down here for lunch.

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