Bad Ass Tattoo

Tatoo Moms grilled Cheese TruckYup, nothing is more intimidating than the sound of four stroller wheels, the skull & cross bones on a kid hat and a Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck tattoo on a mini forearm! If this youngster can brave the rain today, you can too. Get yourself down to Mom’s for lunch and warm up with one of Mom’s now famous grilled cheese sandwiches, some chili or her organic homemade tomato soup. Happy Friday!

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Boss Da Plane, Da Plane!

If you really love grilled cheese, how far would you go to prove it? Well, some grilled cheese enthusiasts have actually been inked, yup, grilled cheese tattoos! Can you imagine! Sounds like something Will Farrell would do in a movie. On Google Images there are some great grilled cheese tattoos, not to be confused with Tattoo from Fantasy Island…..da plane, da plane Boss! Remember Hervé Villechaize in the classic TV show? Sadly, Hervé is no longer with us. Thanks to the beauty of YouTube, you can still enjoy his immense talent!

Fantasy Island TV Show Opening Theme Season One 1978

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