Mom’s is #2!!! Hello Newman.

Mom’s finished 2nd at the 2014 Where To Dine Awards held at the Hotel Georgia. The winner this year of the best food cart was Japadog, for the third year in a row. Japadog has become our Newman….remember on Seinfeld when Newman would see Jerry, and Jerry would greet him with a begrudging “hello Newman” (see video below). We joke, love the gang over at Japadog, congratulations folks! See everyone for lunch this week, lots of sunshine and the perfect weather to visit any of Vancouver’s amazing food carts!

'Hello Newman' Compilation

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Meet Mom, Up Close

For all the regulars who stop by Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck, or the one-timers just checking it out…..getting to know the amazing Mom herself and her cute daughter is part of the grilled cheese experience. Cindy (aka Mom) is all heart and personality, so enjoy getting to see who Mom is at a more personal level, courtesy of Trish Neufeld at Memory Box Movies, capturing life’s legacies to share, and preserve for generations to come.

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Elmer Fudd

We thought is was time to revisit this classic, The Grilled Cheese Song by Elmer Fudd

The Looney Tunes Show Episode 1: Merrie Melodies – Grilled Cheese by Elmer Fudd

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