Grilled Cheese Eating Contest -1 Year Free Grilled Cheese!

Over eating

Do not attempt at home, this is a trained professional.

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck 3rd annual eating contest is this Friday, October 10th, 2014!

Be sure you visit Mom’s to sign up for a chance to enter. It’s at 12:00 noon on Friday at our normal location, don’t be late….you snooooze, you looooooze. You’ll have to sign up at Mom’s for a chance to compete, the lucky participants will be given 3 grilled cheese sandwiches, first contestant to finish (swallow & show us their tongue) is the winner. It’s a long way from the Grilled Cheese Eating world record of 13 grilled cheese sandwiches in one minute, but we’ll have fun! Hey, you might even want to start training by visiting Mom’s every day this week to ensure you are ready! :)

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Elmer Fudd

We thought is was time to revisit this classic, The Grilled Cheese Song by Elmer Fudd

The Looney Tunes Show Episode 1: Merrie Melodies – Grilled Cheese by Elmer Fudd

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Free Grilled Cheese For 1 Year!!! — Press Release

September 21, 2012 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Vancouver, BC – Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck will be giving away a prize of free grilled cheese sandwiches for one year.

This amazing give away will be taking place at Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck’s usual location at the corner of Robson Street and Howe Street in downtown Vancouver, BC on Friday October 5, 2012. Mom’s Grilled Cheese Tuck is celebrating their first anniversary and a year of tremendous success as one of Vancouver’s premier street food vendors. To show their appreciation, Mom’s is offering two very special free grilled cheese promotions. For regulars, they will be giving out a coupon for a free lunch. For all customers, one lucky person who has lunch will win grilled cheese sandwiches for an entire year! Think about that…….stop by Mom’s once a day and have a grilled cheese sandwich at no cost, on the house, a free-B, no charge……courtesy of Mom any time for one year! In order to be eligible, you have to stop by Mom’s for lunch on October 5th and enter to win!!

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck owner Cindy Hamilton said, “we really appreciate the amazing and continual support for our business, no other business in Vancouver is as lucky as we are with the great regulars we have”.

About Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck: Originally from London Ontario, Cindy Hamilton started Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck in October 2011. Very quickly, Mom’s has become one of Vancouver’s premier street food vendors and a hands-on owner who’s personality goes perfectly with her popular gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.  As a 20 year veteran of the food industry including restaurant, catering and movie/TV Craft Services, Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck is located downtown Vancouver daily at the corner of Howe Street and Robson Street by the Vancouver Art Gallery. Cindy offers up her vast “foodie” experience with popular favorites like The Meatloaf Grilled Cheese, The Hot Angie and The Jackson 3.


Contact Information:
Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck
Corner of Robson & Howe Streets
Contact: Cindy Hamilton
Vancouver, BC



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