Open This Weekend – Come On Down

To quote Edna from Tex & Edna Boil’s Organ Emporium, “come on down”. You’d have to be an SCTV fan to understand that, classic TV comedy. The sun should be out this weekend, we’ll be here as usual. It’s Friday and you’ve almost made it through the week. Come on down to Mom’s this weekend for lunch. PS: There are no free budgies

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It’s Jackson 3 Day!!!

Today is Thursday and it’s a special grilled cheese day for Mom, because today’s feature The Jackson 3 is named after her nephew Jackson, seen in this action shot. This is a decadent grilled cheese delight, a triple threat…three slices of sourdough with brie, boursin, and gruyere. Mmmmmmm, an absolutely incredible lunch time melt.

Come on down and get your free budgie (not really, you’d have to be a fan of SCTV to get that). We’ll be at Howe & Robson as usual and look forward to seeing you today!

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