Burrrrr…..Hey, Mom’s Delivers!

Cold Moms Grilled Cheese TruckNo easy way around this week’s forecast, it’s gonna be cold! However, the cold is perfect for a warm lunch at Mom’s. A piping hot grilled cheese sandwich perhaps? No, a steaming hot cup of Mom’s homemade chili? Even better, mom’s homemade tomato soup? Mmmmmm, warm. Lots of great options to warm you up and even better, Mom’s delivers. Text or call Mom your order today with the two golden rules: 1) Cash only and 2) Four sandwich minimum order. Gather up your work mates and bring Mom’s Grilled Cheese into your office for lunch to stay warm this week. Text or call 604-767-9768



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Sick? A Perscription For Roasted Tomato Soup

Mom’s official blogger Jeff has been sick this week, sorry. He’s resting quietly with his nurse at his side, sponge bath is at 2:30PM. We’ll  have some fresh material up soon.

By the way, Mom’s Roasted Tomato Soup topped with basil mascarpone is just what the doctor recommends when you are fighting a cold. Mmmmmm

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Double Swiss Provolone!

Well, there is no escaping the arrival of winter in Vancouver, as the rains have returned. It’s like someone flipped a switch last week and we went from summer to winter….such is life in the big city. However the good news is, Mom’s has the perfect recipe to chase of the winter blues. Check our Amer, enjoying his double Swiss Provolone. So good he can’t take his eyes off of it. get yourself down to mom’s today for a warm lunch and add a Roasted Tomato Soup topped with basil mascarpone. Mmmmmmmmm, soup is good food!

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