106 Food Carts Strong By June, Vancouver Rocks!

Vancouver is now world class in the street food vendors scene. Mom’s Grilled Cheese is so proud to have been a part of this movement and we are really rockin now! A big thank you to the City of Vancouver and City councillor Heather Deal who started the process of change and bringing street food vendors to our streets back in 2008.

There was a great write up on our street scene in today’s Vancouver Province by Frank Luba which also included a complete map to all food cart locations. Here is a excerpt from Franks write up today: “It took two more years before Vancouver’s street food finally expanded beyond hotdogs. In 2010, the city held a lottery for 17 licenses to add new types of street food. There was a tsunami-like response — approximately 800 entries from about 400 vendors. The program expanded again in 2011, and beginning May 1, another 12 operations will have licences to sell food on the street adding more choices to the international buffet already on the street with everything from Asian fusion to Mexican, Korean, Vietnamese, Ukrainian and Greek foods. You can even find good old comfort food like grilled cheese sandwiches. The May increase brings the total to 103 stationary food carts, with another three to be selected by the Vancouver Park Board for Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth and Vanier park to be open by June 1

It’s a chilly rainy day today……perfect for a Mom’s cup of soup or home made chili, we’ll see you for lunch.

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