Otha Oupsa Odayta (Hot Soup Today)

Soup has come a long way, and Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck has redefined tomato soup. Evidence of the existence of soup can be found as far back as about 6,000 BC, seriously, it said so on Wikipedia so it has to be true, right? The word soup comes from French soupe (“soup”, “broth”), which comes through Vulgar Latin suppa. The modernization of soup grew through the Pig Latin erra as well, referred to as “oupsa”. The word restaurant (meaning “something restoring”) was first used in France in the 16th century, to refer to a highly concentrated, inexpensive soup, sold by street vendors, that was advertised as an antidote to physical exhaustion. In 1765, a Parisian entrepreneur opened a shop specializing in such soups. This prompted the use of the modern word restaurant for the shops.

You may wonder where this history lesson is going. The truth is, it’s only a clever segway into reminding you that Mom’s Roasted Tomato Soup topped with basil mascarpone just may be the best soup in Vancouver and you can get it in a shot for $1.00 or cup for $4.00. Mom’s chili is about to return as well. Come down for a hot soup lunch and warm up today.

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