The Good, The Bad and The Cheese

“Go ahead, make my day punk.” I can just hear the begrudhing gggrrrrrrr of Clint Eastwood. We’ll make your day, with some grilled cheese nutritional facts. Oh how we love a good grilled cheese! Like most really enjoyable foods, it comes with the good and bad. The nutritional information for a grilled cheese sandwich varies, it allĀ  depends on the choice of bread, and whether or not you order the extra cheese! Did you know, If you’re eating a classic sandwich that uses white bread, a few slices of cheese and butter……. you will consume about 450 calories, that’s 30grams of fat, 75mg of cholesterol, 1180mg of sodium, 26g of carbohydrates, 1gram of dietary fiber and 15grams of protein. Mmmmmmmmm, sodium and dietary fiber, the two ingredients we all love from our youth. On the positive side of the food experience, each slice of cheese also provides 4 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin A and 20 percent of the calcium recommendation.

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