Grilled Cheese Ninja vs. Beverly Hills Ninja

Who would win the battle in a head-to-head competition? In the blue corner, Chris Farley was the Beverly Hills Ninja Haru in the 1997 movie. A classic dumb-comedy where the 300lb ninja was raised by clan of ninjas and stumbled and bumbled his way through solving a counterfeit and murder mystery. In the blue corner, Kyo…..Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck’s grilled cheese ninja! Let the battle begin!

Eating Grilled Cheese
Beverly Hills Ninja: Can easily eat numerous grilled cheeses, to the point of excess
Grilled Cheese Ninja: Can eat one grilled cheese, then is too full and has a tummy ache
Edge: Beverly Hills Ninja

Can attack in a kitchen quickly and decisively, eliminating the threat of resistance
Beverly Hills Ninja: Can only attack food, and can be heard eating in a debris of gluttony
Grilled Cheese Ninja: Silent, efficient and you’ll never know what hit you
Edge: Grilled Cheese Ninja

Endurance, dexterity and luck increases critical strike damage
Beverly Hills Ninja: Well, he did get lucky a lot
Grilled Cheese Ninja: His endurance and dexterity around the grill dazzles his competition into submission
Edge: Grilled Cheese Ninja

Its official, Kyo is the master ninja! Stop by today and watch Mom’s grilled cheese ninja in action and remember a clean Ninja is less likely to torture you. A happy Ninja is a ninja less likely to kill you. A naked Ninja has no place to hide his weapons. Until we meet again, enjoy the Beverly Hills Ninja in action

Chris Farley as Hibachi Chef in Beverly Hills Ninja

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