If You Build It, They Will Come

It worked for Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams and it seems to have worked for Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck too, by accident! The busy corner of Howe Street and Robson in downtown Vancouver has turned into a hub-bub of food truck activity these days. Mom’s is at her usual location right on the corner, and more trucks are joining her. The more the merrier! It seems to create a real vibe that everyone loves. Lots of great food selection and all these food trucks coming together in one area simply adds life and vibrancy to the area. Looking forward to seeing you today for lunch in the sunshine.

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Weekends Are Rockin & Someone’s Birthday?

Weekends are rockin now as Mom’s is at our usual spot Saturdays and Sundays. Our new summer menu features the Saturday special the Hammy Sr. and the Sunday special, the Lionel Richie, easy like Sunday morning baby! Also in just two days on June 6th, it’s Mom’s birthday!!!!!!

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Grilled Cheese + Phineas and Ferb Spa Day Song

The perfect day, it’s made up of many different things for many people. This week, one of our customers was downtown for two specific things; lunch at Mom’s and a spa day, well actually a spa afternoon. If you have kids you likely have seen the hilarious kids cartoon Phineas and Ferb on Disney XD. If your kids are young, just wait until they are around 10, you’ll love this show! As I saw the kids enjoying Phineas and Ferb, they broke into the Spa Day Song…..which reminded me of our customer this week who was about to enjoy hers. Without further ado, enjoy Phineas and Ferb’s Spa day Song and try to work Mom’s into your special day as well.

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Mom’s New Menu

Mom’s new spring/summer menu is out. We have mixed things up a little bit and added a few new items as well. You can see it all on the Menu Tab above. What’s new you may wonder? Mom’s Kool Aid, sorry, it’s not like the killer Kool Aid you drank in University. Kool Aid! Kool Aid! Tastes great! Kool Aid! Kool Aid! Can’t wait! I’m dating myself.

We’ve also added the Un-Grilled summer sandwiches! One is the Mom’s Tuna Salad, white flaked tuna mixed with fresh dill, spring onions and celery on soft whole wheat or white. The Geeze is new too, a melt in your mouth egg salad made with free range eggs and spring onions on soft whole wheat or white. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. This weeks weather forecast actually looks respectable, it’s a miracle! Get yourself down here to try our new menu items this week. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again……..there has to be a reason why we are lined up every day. Come find out why.

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Spring Break 1-Hour Vacation Idea

You might be reading this during your spring break here in Vancouver. Perhaps it just isn’t your year to get away to the sunshine and you have the kids on their two-week break from school? Here’s an idea to help pass the day and keep the kids entertained, come down to Mom’s for lunch! Kids and grilled cheese go hand in hand. Imagine how pumped up the kids will be when you tell them they can make their own custom grilled cheese. If they are anything like my niece and nephew…..they’ll probably go with, cheese. Yup, just cheese. Kids do like it simple. Let’s call them traditionalists. The kids also love our selection of Pop Shoppe pops, old school pop you can tell them. The small cups of home made chili are also a big hit! The kids will love our deserts……Sweet Little Vals or The Phat Elvis!!

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You Like Me. You Really Like me!

To borrow a famous quote from Sally Field when she won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1984 “You like me. You really like me!” The comments and reviews on Urban Spoon have been so great, thanks everyone, you really do like me! Sorry, that really is a cheesy play on words. We’ve been referred to as “buttery, crunchy and gooey concoction known as the grilled cheese” and our roasted tomato soup has been called “amazing” and “truly delicious”. Unfortunately, you can’t please everyone, but we sure try.

On a cold day like today with snow forecast at higher elevations and the high downtown only hitting 7, it’s the perfect day to come down to Mom’s for some warm comfort food at lunch time.

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Free Shots of Soup!

Now that winter is here, standing in line at ‘Mom’s’ will be a lot nicer with a free shot of soup to keep your hands warm. All you need is the pass word…’Mom’s Hot!’. Flattery might not get you every where, but it’ll get you some free soup! Looking forward to feeding you this week.

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Best Monday ever!!! So happy to see so many familiar faces today! Many thanks go out to Carson, Alex and the gang for stopping by! Same goes for Alex, Brighton, Susan, Danny…the list could go on and on. So grateful for having so many awesome customers!!!
Now that I’ve buttered you all up, anybody who wants to back Mom up even more can go to Urban Spoon website www.urbanspoon.com and give us a glowing review. Looking forward to sunny skies, smiling faces, and many, many grilled cheeses this week!

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Mom’s Closed Friday December 16th!

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck will be closed today…the truck is going to the spa today. Or is that Mom? Both old girls need some work!!! We’ll be open again, and grillin’ Monday the 19th, and we’re keeping regular hours over the holidays too. Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

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Cheese Humour…Or Is It Humor?

If you are Canadian it’s humour, if you are American, it’s humor. Either way, smiling and laughing matters and that’s what you’ll get today at Mom’s! Despite some of the unfortunate events around the Vancouver Art Gallery this past week, I’ll borrow from the classic song in the Monty Python movie The Life of Brian…….”always look on the bright side of life” (this is where you whistle). Check out the video if you enjoy the warped side of Monty Python humour. With that, no better segway into some cheese humour on this great Thursday! :)

Knock Knock
Whos there?
Gorilla who?
Gorrilla me a cheese sandwhich, Im hungry.

What type of cheese isn’t your cheese? NACHO CHEESE! (not ‘ch’ yo cheese)

What did Shakespere say when he was deciding what cheese he wanted for lunch? To Bree or not to Bree!

What cheese is made backwards? Edam

A tornado destroyed a french cheese factory. All that was left was de Brie.

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