Ay, Caramba!

Every day Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck brings you what many call the best grilled cheese in Canada! We use specialty home make breads, the best quality cheese and everything we serve is top-quality. However, on occasion a scary grilled cheese gets brought to our attention and this week is no different. The folks at Denny’s have another “calorie-busting novelty sandwich”, the Fried Cheese Melt, which is four fried mozzarella sticks with melted American cheese grilled between two slices of sourdough bread. Hey, it’s only a whopping 895 calories. Ay, Caramba! KFC’s Double Down is actually healthier than the Fried Cheese Melt; the infamous bunless sandwich weighs in at 540 calories. The moral to this story……..if you want quality and lots of love in your grilled cheese, get yourself down to Mom’s this week for lunch. See you soon and just in case you were in the mood for the original “Ay, Caramba!!“, enjoy Bart Simpson.

Bart Simpson Ay Caramba

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The Lock-down!!! Grilled Cheese To A Whole New Level

Have we gone where no grilled cheese maker would go? Have we gone too far? Have we gone KFC? The ‘Lock-Down’, created by Eric Lock today…Oooey gooey mounds of melted Mozzarella and Parmesean nestled between two slices of ‘Mom’s’ Homemade Meatloaf. Only one piece of bread on the bottom of the plate to soak up any Marinara sauce trying to get away. Thanks Eric…I look forward to see what Chris comes up with to one up you!

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