Way To Go Big Bro!

In a feel good story at the end of the work week, Mom is pleased to announce her big bro Jeff recently landed a pretty cool new job. This in no way relates to grilled cheese, but really is a shameless act of promotion to get the word out there. Jeff is now the VP of Sales for PaySavvy a Vancouver based company located in Gastown that offers easy to use online (SaaS) payroll services and employee scheduling. Check them out and if you are interested in learning more, contact Jeff. Happy weekend everyone!

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Mom Circa 1972

Who are a couple of the faces behind Mom’s Grilled Cheese? Mom’s Grilled Cheese is the creation and invention of the creative and always smiling Cindy Hamilton, seen here in this picture from 1972 with her brother Jeff. Jeff is the web master and blogger. Cindy has achieved a life-long goal of having a thriving business and is doing what she loves. Jeff is thrilled with his role as the part time web expert, as he’s paid in full with free grilled cheese for life!

The weather forecast this week is sunny with a chance of more sun! We’ll be in the mid 20’s every day, so get yourself down here along Howe Street between Georgia & Robson for the greatest food cart experience in all of Vancouver! There is a reason it’s lined up every day.

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