Well La Di Freakin Da!

It’s the last work day of summer vacation parents……you made it!! School starts next week! Today’s Friday special, The La Di Da, thinly sliced prosciutto, rosemary infused honey and creamy goat cheese on crusty French bread. In honor of today’s special, Lou broke out the classic T-shirt, love the shirt Lou! While we’d like to think Lou’s “T” is dedicated to us, we can’t be T-shirt plagiarists……it is in memory of Chris Farley from one of his classic moments on Saturday Night Live, check out the video.




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Best Grilled Cheese In Vancouver!

It’s official, Yelp says that Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck has the best grilled cheese in Vancouver! Please add your comments to the post if you are a “Yelper” like Joyce who saidhow on earth do you make a grilled cheese from all of our childhood memories taste so freaken amazing?????? Mom and this truck can do no wrong“.   Ya! We have the best grilled cheese in Vancouver, next it’s Canada and after that…….the best damn grilled cheese sandwich in the world (evil laugh here)!!! Global grilled cheese domination…..but we’re fine with just Vancouver, really. Please come down for lunch today…..it’s Hot Angie Day, oh she’s hot! Hot capicola, hot peppers and havarti on sourdough and the sunshine is out too!

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Ay, Caramba!

Every day Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck brings you what many call the best grilled cheese in Canada! We use specialty home make breads, the best quality cheese and everything we serve is top-quality. However, on occasion a scary grilled cheese gets brought to our attention and this week is no different. The folks at Denny’s have another “calorie-busting novelty sandwich”, the Fried Cheese Melt, which is four fried mozzarella sticks with melted American cheese grilled between two slices of sourdough bread. Hey, it’s only a whopping 895 calories. Ay, Caramba! KFC’s Double Down is actually healthier than the Fried Cheese Melt; the infamous bunless sandwich weighs in at 540 calories. The moral to this story……..if you want quality and lots of love in your grilled cheese, get yourself down to Mom’s this week for lunch. See you soon and just in case you were in the mood for the original “Ay, Caramba!!“, enjoy Bart Simpson.

Bart Simpson Ay Caramba

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Bacon Blasphemy at The Waldorf

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck was set up this past Sunday at The Waldorf for the Yelp and Street Food Vancouver Food Cart Fest. We seemed to have a line up of about 50 people deep all day long and we even ran out of bacon!! Sacrilegious! Blasphemy! I guess that’s a good thing, it means the grilled cheese was selling like hotcakes.

If you didn’t know, Food Cart Fest happens every Sunday till September 2 and it’s free and family-friendly. From week to week, the Food Cart Fest will be complimented by a series of community markets. These weekly events also featured a 19+ beer garden in The Waldorf outdoor tiki beach area, live musical performances, DJs, and other family entertainment. It’s a great Vancouver community event, check it out!

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Hardbite This!

The last time you were at Mom’s for lunch, you probably noticed those incredible chips that all our grilled cheese sandwiches come with. You may even have wondered……who makes these incredible chips? Well, today you get a little lesson on one of Mom’s supply partners, Hardbite Chips.

For Wes Heppell and Pete Schouten, potato farming has been in their family’s since 1920. Today, Hardbite Chips, not only uses the best potatoes and limited ingredients in their Maple Ridge BC facility, but they also make a chip that isn’t horrible for you! Yay! These chips have no artificial anything in them. No GMO or MSG, no trans fat or cholesterol, they are low in salt and gluten free. On top of that, the company is all about sustainability. In every Hardbite bag is a commitment to support sustainability in farming. From seed to chip, they’re produced and made locally, giving back to the communities that provide Hardbite with its ingredients and inspiration. A great chip that gives back, very cool!

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Elvis Is In The House

Sunny, highs approaching 30 degrees and blue skies! No better place on earth on a beautiful day than Vancouver……..and it’s an ideal day to come down for lunch to Mom’s for a grilled cheese. If you feel like something a little different and decadent, why don’t you try what a great couple we met from New York City tried, The Fat Elvis! Peanut butter and banana with a sprinkle of smoked sea salt on white. Yes, you too can eat like the King. Check out the King in action in Hawaii in 1973, lay included! Thank you very much.

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Best Grilled Cheese In Canada?

Does Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck make the best grilled cheese in Canada? Here is what you had to say, and please comment. Cheers!

Best Grilled Cheese Ever

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It’s Jackson 3 Day!!!

Today is Thursday and it’s a special grilled cheese day for Mom, because today’s feature The Jackson 3 is named after her nephew Jackson, seen in this action shot. This is a decadent grilled cheese delight, a triple threat…three slices of sourdough with brie, boursin, and gruyere. Mmmmmmm, an absolutely incredible lunch time melt.

Come on down and get your free budgie (not really, you’d have to be a fan of SCTV to get that). We’ll be at Howe & Robson as usual and look forward to seeing you today!

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Tuesday Special: Dedicated to Sam & Rocket Scientists

It’s Tuesday and that means today’s featured grilled cheese sandwich is Sam’s Special. Turkey and brie on cranberry pecan bread. Yes, it is as good as it sounds! According to the rocket scientists at Wikipedia, “Tuesday is a day of the week occurring after Monday and before Wednesday”. I guess that’s what they get paid the big bucks for, right? Looking forward to seeing you today, the clouds are clearing and we’ll be pushing a high of 20 by lunch time. Happy Tuesday!

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M is for Meat Loaf Monday, AH, AH, AHHHHH!

It’s me, The Count and I’m back today doing a special appearance for Mom….AH, AH, AHHH! Today’s number is 5. Why you may ask? Because this week we are blogging every day (that’s 5 days, in case you didn’t connect the dots) about the daily specials at Moms, AH,AH, AHHH!

The letter of the day is M and today’s special….Meatloaf Monday……the letter M, get it….. AH,AH, AHHH! A hearty slice of homemade meatloaf surrounded by melted mozzarella and marinara sauce on crusty French bread. Mmmmmmmmm! If you feel like exploring the dark side of The Count’s life and what I love to do, enjoy this little musical number:

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