420 Success – Sold Out!

More than 30,000 turned out for the crazy and hazy annual 420 rally in downtown 420 April 2015Vancouver at the Art Gallery on Monday. This year was the 20th anniversary of the rally, and like the many years past, Moms Grilled Cheese Truck was there and sold out of cheese and bread!. Mom and her amazing team suffered through the smokey conditions (LOL) to deliver grilled cheese to the thousands who had the munchies. Make sure you stop by Mom’s today for lunch, and make your pick on what grilled cheese specialty you’ll have today along with some sunshine!!!

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Get Warm For Lunch at Mom’s This Week

Chili Moms Grilled Cheese TruckBuckle up, and dust off your umbrella. The epic run of summer and fall weather has come to an end. The weather forecast looks ugly this week, and there will be no better reason to come enjoy a hot cup of Mom’s homemade chili this week! A hot sandwich from Mom’s updated winter menu, or the flavour packed homemade chili, it’s a win either way and a great way to warm up. See you for lunch today!

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Mom’s On The Province Blog  

The Province goes behind the scenes at Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck.


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Keep The Dream Afloat

Our buddy Scott was by Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck and we wanted to shout out to everyone about his cause…..Keep The Dream Afloat. The Biggest Challenge in Life” 2014 Fundraiser for Swimmers with a Disability. The Honu Para Swim Team will cross the English Channel (Dover England to Calais France) this June. The relay is formed by seven Paralympic swimmers. Our goal is that each year, starting 2014, swimmers with a disability will work together to achieve the biggest open water challenge in the world.
This goal is a life long dream and will be an international achievement bringing together para athletes from all over the world. We hope to create awareness of the everyday challenges a person with a disability faces. At the same time we hope to create an eye opening opportunity for people who have the greatest gift in life, their health. Great video!!



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Grilled Cheese Eating Contest – October 4th

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck is having a grilled cheese eating contest at 12:00 on Friday October 4, 2013 at our normal location. You’ll have to sign up at Mom’s for a chance to compete, there will be 5 lucky participants. Each participant will be given 13 grilled cheese sandwiches, two contests will run simultaneously. The person to eat the most grilled cheese sandwiches in one minute will win free grilled cheese for one year. If any of the contestants can eat all 13 grilled cheese sandwiches in one minute, they will equal the word record. Get down and book your space today! Check out the world record eat below.

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Grilled Cheese, The Rock Band

It’s Friday, you made it!!! The work week is almost over, time for a some grilled cheese lunch today at Mom’s. Believe it or not, there is a rock band called Grilled Cheese. You can catch them “rocking out” to Foxy Lady, originally by Jimi Hendrix. Keep your day job boys! Happy weekend!

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PRESS RELEASE. For immediate release. June 13, 2013, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Breaking News – Today, the sun is out in Vancouver. While speculation was leaning towards scattered showers across the Lower Mainland, a bloody miracle has occurred and we are experiencing sunshine in the middle of June. The great weather is expected to continue over the next few days, be sure to visit Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck for lunch today and Friday….and on the weekend too when it will be sunny with temps in the +25 area.

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He Came, He Saw, He Conquered

It was Meatloaf Monday as usual this week at Mom’s, on Monday in case you didn’t catch on, and Chris did it! He sauntered up to the order counter at Mom’s, laid down his hard earned lunch money and went deep into the most famous of all Mom’s grilled cheese sandwiches…..the meatloaf. With extra love and care, Mom created the mother of all grilled cheese sandwiches and Chris put it all down. In case you were wondering about the phrase “He Came, He Saw, He Conquered”….it was apparently spoken by Julius Caesar after he suppressed a revolt in Thrace, which is where he later invented the Ceaser salad.

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Dude, Do You Know a Good Wingman?

We have the best wingman in Vancouver here at Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck, and he is available every Friday…and his name isn’t Goose. If you are sick of a wingman who is all talk, no results….a wingman who simply can’t help close the deal, get yourself to Mom’s tomorrow or every Friday as the new Friday special is The Wingman! We’ve taken buffalo wings meat, topped with hot sauce, a sprinkle of diced celery, mozzarella and havarti all on a crusty butter grilled French loaf. See you tomorrow.

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Well La Di Freakin Da!

It’s the last work day of summer vacation parents……you made it!! School starts next week! Today’s Friday special, The La Di Da, thinly sliced prosciutto, rosemary infused honey and creamy goat cheese on crusty French bread. In honor of today’s special, Lou broke out the classic T-shirt, love the shirt Lou! While we’d like to think Lou’s “T” is dedicated to us, we can’t be T-shirt plagiarists……it is in memory of Chris Farley from one of his classic moments on Saturday Night Live, check out the video.




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