Today, Grilled Cheese Eating Contest!!!

austin powersYa baby, today at 12:00 noon , don’t be late….you snooooze, you looooooze, baby. The groovy participants will be given 3 grilled cheese sandwiches, first contestant to finish (swallow & show us their tongue) is the winner. Winner gets 1 year of free grilled cheese, and  a date with Mom?! Ya baby!

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Somnath Wins!!!!

The winner of free grilled cheese for 1 year is Somnath, also known as Babu!!! Congratulations and thank you to everyone who came out for lunch and entered the contest. Our next contest will be to guess how much weight Babu puts on during his year of free grilled cheese. We had a record sales day in the sunshine and it was the ideal way to celebrate our first anniversary, the day was perfect……except for the charming City of Vancouver bylaw officer who wrote us a parking ticket at the end of the day because we were a few minutes past our parking deadline. Ya, thanks Pal……please stop by any time and we would love to buy you lunch, on the house, not! No grilled cheese for you! Thanks again everyone, enjoy our draw video;

Free Grilled Cheese For 1 Year_Moms Grilled Cheese Truck_Vancouver BC



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Wow Nelly! It’s Free Grilled Cheese Draw Day

Today is the day!!! Ya-hoo, it’s the big draw for one year of free grilled cheese sandwiches! Come down today to enter, we’ll be in our usual place at Howe & Robson Streets. We never got a RSVP back from our invitees to do the actual draw. Bummer. Oh well, the draw is at 3:01PM today and we are creating a video of it as well.

If you know of a special person who might be available to do the draw, let us know. You’ll have to check back here on our blog around 4:00PM to learn who the luck winner of grilled cheese for one year is.

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Special Guest Appearance

Who will be the celebrity or high profile guest that makes the draw for free grilled cheese for one year on October 5th at 3;01 PM? Perhaps Brad Pitt? Maybe Megan Fox? Ya, not likely!

Hhmmmm………….. now you are curious? Inquiring minds want to know! Stay tuned for more details to follow. Happy Friday everyone!! You’ve almost made it through the week, treat yourself to a grilled cheese for lunch today. See you soon.

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