Mom’s is #2!!! Hello Newman.

Mom’s finished 2nd at the 2014 Where To Dine Awards held at the Hotel Georgia. The winner this year of the best food cart was Japadog, for the third year in a row. Japadog has become our Newman….remember on Seinfeld when Newman would see Jerry, and Jerry would greet him with a begrudging “hello Newman” (see video below). We joke, love the gang over at Japadog, congratulations folks! See everyone for lunch this week, lots of sunshine and the perfect weather to visit any of Vancouver’s amazing food carts!

'Hello Newman' Compilation

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Food Fight!! Well, Not Really

Nothing the City of Vancouver does is without controversy or opponents, that’s politics baby! However one thing they have done very well, is the set up of our food cart program. Good things happen in groups when it comes to food. Places like food districts, a combination of foods on your plate or even a good old fashion food fight like back in your high school days or in the classic movie Animal House.  The City of Vancouver is now looking at expanding its food cart program with the adoption of Portland style pods that would allow a permanent cluster of carts to form outside the downtown core. Big thumbs up from Mom!

The city is looking to Portland for inspiration, as they have done throughout the food cart process. Portland’s food cart clusters are scattered in parking lots throughout the city, functioning as a food destination for locals and tourists. We even see it here in Vancouver at Mom’s, when we set up shop daily at the corner of Robson & Howe there seems to be a few others who also find a spot behind us, which is great. We didn’t even know we were called a cluster, yet our group of food trucks turns into a draw offering lunch goers a chance to make a selection. It just seems to draw more people out and it’s good for everyone.


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Urban Spoon Reviews

The people have spoken, and thanks for speaking so kindly about us here at Mom’s! Directly from the reviews on Urban Spoon, here is what the people are saying…..although we have edited a few of the glaring typos and spelling mistakes. You’ll get the idea.

by i_say_yes:  AMAZING. I would stand in the pouring rain to get a grilled cheese sandwich and cup of tomato soup from mom’s truck. So good. Wish it was parked outside my house…

by Crispy: Amazing grilled cheese, especially the meatloaf sandwich. Favorite Vancouver food cart!

by CoutureChef: This place is the diamond of quick tasty food. First you are greeted by a very friendly lady who takes you order, the team seems to be working hard but the result is great, the grilled cheese are the best and the soup shot was an amazing idea, big line up at midday to 1 but worth it.

by Noel: Best grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever had….hands down.

by Jeeven: Great service! Even better food! This is THE BEST grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever tried. It was nice and crispy and it warms you up. This is the definition of comfort food. The fresh bread makes a huge difference and the Pop Shoppe pop compliments the sandwich perfectly. I’m definitely coming back here!

by Mr.Temple: Outstanding food, wonderfully personal and friendly service, and owned and operated by a local Mom who really does care about feeding you and making you happy. What more could you want from a food truck? I have a hard time picking favourites, but I’m a sucker for the havarti, bacon, and sliced pickles on whole grain. Add a cup of the amazing chili, and you can’t help but feel like you’ve been spoiled. Visit again, and Mom will get to you know, she is a pistol, super fun and friendly. Come hungry, leave with a full belly and a big smile.

by Jessica: Today was my first visit to Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck. and it certainly won’t be my last! I had a grilled cheese with bacon, onions, pepper jack and tomatoes on marble rye… Good lord it was delicious! Very friendly environment to be in while waiting too… Very open and friendly staff that make you feel like they genuinely appreciate your business. Can’t wait to go again!

by Aakash Agarwala: Awesome. Sweetest people. Delicious food.

by Alex: Food: 10/10. This is a unique idea and tastes great. Nothing like a grilled cheese on sough dough with cheddar and bacon. I highly recommend it. I go here at least once a week and I live 2 hours away. It’s worth every minute of travel. Customer Service: 10/10 The Employees are great. They joke around and interact with you. Half of your experience is just talking to them. If you have not been yet to mom’s grilled cheese truck then you are missing out.

by Veronica: Mom’s grill cheese truck is awesome! Big portions of delicious grill cheese. I had the special of the day which was Brie with turkey on cranberry bread. Also had a sample of homemade chillie which was hearty and yummy. Come hungry! Cindy is absolutely lovely and puts homemade goodness into everything she makes!

If you’d like to visit the Urban Spoon page and see these reviews and “Like Us”, here is the link

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Mom Circa 1972

Who are a couple of the faces behind Mom’s Grilled Cheese? Mom’s Grilled Cheese is the creation and invention of the creative and always smiling Cindy Hamilton, seen here in this picture from 1972 with her brother Jeff. Jeff is the web master and blogger. Cindy has achieved a life-long goal of having a thriving business and is doing what she loves. Jeff is thrilled with his role as the part time web expert, as he’s paid in full with free grilled cheese for life!

The weather forecast this week is sunny with a chance of more sun! We’ll be in the mid 20’s every day, so get yourself down here along Howe Street between Georgia & Robson for the greatest food cart experience in all of Vancouver! There is a reason it’s lined up every day.

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