Grilled Cheese Eating Contest -1 Year Free Grilled Cheese!

Over eating

Do not attempt at home, this is a trained professional.

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck 3rd annual eating contest is this Friday, October 10th, 2014!

Be sure you visit Mom’s to sign up for a chance to enter. It’s at 12:00 noon on Friday at our normal location, don’t be late….you snooooze, you looooooze. You’ll have to sign up at Mom’s for a chance to compete, the lucky participants will be given 3 grilled cheese sandwiches, first contestant to finish (swallow & show us their tongue) is the winner. It’s a long way from the Grilled Cheese Eating world record of 13 grilled cheese sandwiches in one minute, but we’ll have fun! Hey, you might even want to start training by visiting Mom’s every day this week to ensure you are ready! :)

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Word To Your Mother, With Some Cheese

A quick shout out Sean, or if you peaked in the 80’s listening to Vanilla Ice…..”word to your Mother”, for his nice words on his blog Sean’s Adventures In Flavor Town. In Sean’s own words, “I was a happy, greasy handed camper when I was finished this yummy comfort food classic” . If you didn’t know, Sean is out there trying to find some of the best food that Vancouver has to offer without breaking the bank. Sean contributes to Eating In Vancouver, is the BC Regional Admin for the Food Bloggers of Canada website and is Silver Spoon for the now world famous Food Network show Eat St. Thanks Sean, yo VIP, let’s kick it……..yes, another shameless Vanilla Ice plug and while we are at it, enjoy Ice Ice Baby.

Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby – video original


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