Grilled Cheese In Mexico?

Mexico 2Moms Grilled Cheese TruckAs we settle into the last half of the week and the rain returns, take comfort in knowing that the hardest working foodie in Vancouver, yes Mom herself, is thinking of you as she basks in the sun on the sandy beaches of Mexico. She is not allowed to cook grilled cheese while in Mexico though, it’s a real break and vacation, finally! Mom’s is open for business as usual, so stop by for lunch. If you come by next week and Mom is looking all tanned, it won’t be from getting too close to the grill :)

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Cuttin’ Mom’s Grass

Toyota Moms grilled Cheese TruckHey, what’s with the dude who parked in Mom’s spot on Saturday? He was mowing my lawn! No ticket, nothing! If you are the culprit in the green Toyota Forerunner, stay off Mom’s turf…or else! Or else, well, not sure what else, but it would be nice not to have had to serve grilled cheese over top of the news paper boxes. Thanks for your future consideration :)

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Eat Street In Vancouver – Come See Us Please David :)

How good is the Vancouver food truck scene? It’s world class and judging by the TV show that was filming here this week, we’re getting even more kudos across North America. Food Network Canada’s hit TV show Eat St. began filming this week right here in Vancouver as reported in 24 Hours by Michael Mui, but they aren’t coming to see us here at Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck. That’s OK, we still love them, they do a great job and are moving the street truck food scene in cities everywhere forward in a very positive way. Keep up the good work David!

The crew was shooting at Fresh Local Wild, Soho Road Naan Kebab  and Vij’s Railway Express. They will be back in September shooting at Le Tigre Cuisine and Pig on the Street. Hey, if you want to see Mom’s on Eat Street, let them know by contacting them through the production company Paperny Entertainment.


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