Food Fight!! Well, Not Really

Nothing the City of Vancouver does is without controversy or opponents, that’s politics baby! However one thing they have done very well, is the set up of our food cart program. Good things happen in groups when it comes to food. Places like food districts, a combination of foods on your plate or even a good old fashion food fight like back in your high school days or in the classic movie Animal House.  The City of Vancouver is now looking at expanding its food cart program with the adoption of Portland style pods that would allow a permanent cluster of carts to form outside the downtown core. Big thumbs up from Mom!

The city is looking to Portland for inspiration, as they have done throughout the food cart process. Portland’s food cart clusters are scattered in parking lots throughout the city, functioning as a food destination for locals and tourists. We even see it here in Vancouver at Mom’s, when we set up shop daily at the corner of Robson & Howe there seems to be a few others who also find a spot behind us, which is great. We didn’t even know we were called a cluster, yet our group of food trucks turns into a draw offering lunch goers a chance to make a selection. It just seems to draw more people out and it’s good for everyone.


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