Vancouver Foodie Tours Stops By Mom’s

Great lunch crowd today and the weather sure helped too! As soon as we lifted up our doors, the good folks at Vancouver Foodie Tours stopped by with a group including visitors from San Francisco, Austria and the UK. We snuck a picture of them. This great little company offers the world’s best food truck tour, easily one of the most mind-blowing lunch experiences you’ll ever have….and it includes a stop at Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck (applause)! Enjoy amazing Vancouver street food characterized by local, organic, good-for-you-decadence and learn about the making of Vancouver’s popular food truck landscape. Be introduced to the culinary talents behind the scenes, learn to appreciate street food in a new light, and be inspired to continue exploring Vancouver’s fascinating culinary tourism scene long after the adventure ends.

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Food Fight!! Well, Not Really

Nothing the City of Vancouver does is without controversy or opponents, that’s politics baby! However one thing they have done very well, is the set up of our food cart program. Good things happen in groups when it comes to food. Places like food districts, a combination of foods on your plate or even a good old fashion food fight like back in your high school days or in the classic movie Animal House.  The City of Vancouver is now looking at expanding its food cart program with the adoption of Portland style pods that would allow a permanent cluster of carts to form outside the downtown core. Big thumbs up from Mom!

The city is looking to Portland for inspiration, as they have done throughout the food cart process. Portland’s food cart clusters are scattered in parking lots throughout the city, functioning as a food destination for locals and tourists. We even see it here in Vancouver at Mom’s, when we set up shop daily at the corner of Robson & Howe there seems to be a few others who also find a spot behind us, which is great. We didn’t even know we were called a cluster, yet our group of food trucks turns into a draw offering lunch goers a chance to make a selection. It just seems to draw more people out and it’s good for everyone.


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Cheesed by Air Canada

Hey, it looks like those sneaky aviators over at Air Canada might be borrowing from Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck. We noticed on their online magazine Air Canada enRoute, their creative writing gurus who get paid the big bucks have jumped on the grilled cheese bandwagon and refer to their grilled cheese story as ”served simply the way Mom made it”. This stinks of cheese plagiarism, well kinda, it’s pretty close to home if you know what I mean. If you Google “grilled cheese”, Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck is everywhere online (pat self on back). If you Google “grilled cheese Vancouver”, Mom’s owns the first page results (another pat). We’re just saying…. Debra Weiner at enRoute may want to write about the amazing gourmet grilled cheese that sits in Air Canada’s own back yard, and not in Cincinnati Ohio and is Mom approved already. Stop by any time Debra, lunch is on us. Thank you for flying with Mom’s :)




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Babu Is Alive!!

Babu has surfaced! We were so worried the thrill of the big prize may have been too much to handle. But on Wednesday our winner of free grilled cheese for one year Somnath (Babu) stopped by for his first of many grilled cheese sandwiches over the next year.

Babu is looking pretty slender, is in good shape sporting the blonde mohawk and we are all wondering how much weight he will gain over the next year? What do you think? Congratulations again Babu, we love you!!

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Somnath Wins!!!!

The winner of free grilled cheese for 1 year is Somnath, also known as Babu!!! Congratulations and thank you to everyone who came out for lunch and entered the contest. Our next contest will be to guess how much weight Babu puts on during his year of free grilled cheese. We had a record sales day in the sunshine and it was the ideal way to celebrate our first anniversary, the day was perfect……except for the charming City of Vancouver bylaw officer who wrote us a parking ticket at the end of the day because we were a few minutes past our parking deadline. Ya, thanks Pal……please stop by any time and we would love to buy you lunch, on the house, not! No grilled cheese for you! Thanks again everyone, enjoy our draw video;

Free Grilled Cheese For 1 Year_Moms Grilled Cheese Truck_Vancouver BC



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Special Guest Appearance

Who will be the celebrity or high profile guest that makes the draw for free grilled cheese for one year on October 5th at 3;01 PM? Perhaps Brad Pitt? Maybe Megan Fox? Ya, not likely!

Hhmmmm………….. now you are curious? Inquiring minds want to know! Stay tuned for more details to follow. Happy Friday everyone!! You’ve almost made it through the week, treat yourself to a grilled cheese for lunch today. See you soon.

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Road Construction Blues – Look For Us At Howe & Robson

With the warm weather FINALLY back, the line ups at Mom’s have gotten a little bigger. With the warm weather, also comes the City of Vancouver summer road construction and repair. Our normal spot is loud, the bang-bang-bang of jack hammers won’t stop. The City has our regular parking space closed right now. If we are not there over the next while, please have a look about a dozen parking meters South towards Robson Street.

We were set up there today and it was busy, one of our busiest days ever! As the temperature jumped above 20 today, we served up more and more hot home made organic tomato soup, topped with basil mascarpone. The soup shots for $1.00 were flying quicker than last call shots at 2:00AM with your beer goggles on! Thanks for your continued support everyone!

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106 Food Carts Strong By June, Vancouver Rocks!

Vancouver is now world class in the street food vendors scene. Mom’s Grilled Cheese is so proud to have been a part of this movement and we are really rockin now! A big thank you to the City of Vancouver and City councillor Heather Deal who started the process of change and bringing street food vendors to our streets back in 2008.

There was a great write up on our street scene in today’s Vancouver Province by Frank Luba which also included a complete map to all food cart locations. Here is a excerpt from Franks write up today: “It took two more years before Vancouver’s street food finally expanded beyond hotdogs. In 2010, the city held a lottery for 17 licenses to add new types of street food. There was a tsunami-like response — approximately 800 entries from about 400 vendors. The program expanded again in 2011, and beginning May 1, another 12 operations will have licences to sell food on the street adding more choices to the international buffet already on the street with everything from Asian fusion to Mexican, Korean, Vietnamese, Ukrainian and Greek foods. You can even find good old comfort food like grilled cheese sandwiches. The May increase brings the total to 103 stationary food carts, with another three to be selected by the Vancouver Park Board for Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth and Vanier park to be open by June 1

It’s a chilly rainy day today……perfect for a Mom’s cup of soup or home made chili, we’ll see you for lunch.

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