Ay-Caramba! He Ate It All!

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck turned into Mom’s Grilled Cheese Kitchen the other night, as she stopped by her big brothers house with Mini-Mom to visit and hang out with her niece and nephew. Mom just happened to bring along some supplies from the truck and her 12 year old nephew Jackson decided he wanted to build his own grilled cheese creation. He named it, The Jackson 5. Why? Because it felt like it weighed 5 pounds. It turned out to be a massive triple-decker. The first layer was thick with cheddar and bacon, topped with a golden slice of sour dough. On top of that, a mound of Mom’s homemade chili….topped with another golden slice of sour dough. This was a triple decker-cheddar-bacon-chili-sour-dough-grilled cheese-monster! And yes, he ate it all!!! Growing boys need their food. Get yourself down to Mom’s today and for an extra $1.50 you can add chili to your grilled cheese delight. You’ll need extra napkins.

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