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From a state of the art mobile kitchen with free smiles and a great attitude on the menu, Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck is an innovative leader in the highly publicized Vancouver street food movement. Owned and operated by Cindy Hamilton, Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck serves classic home style gourmet grilled cheese, soups and other comfort foods…..like Mom used to make.

With Cindy’s twenty years of experience in the food service industry, she offers a quality product on the road, while keeping within strict health regulations and guidelines to satisfy the hunger of Vancouverites and tourists in the heart of downtown at the corner of Howe Street & West Georgia, on the Vancouver Art Gallery Corner. Home, on the road.

The Vancouver food street cart program has exploded! The growth has expanded the menu availability on city sidewalks from the usual hot dog vendors to a more freshly prepared offering at a gourmet level. With over 100 food carts offering unique food on Vancouver city streets, you can now get free Apps to keep track of which carts are nearby at any given time, and which are most popular. Download the free Street Food Vancouver App at the iTunes store. Since February 2011, new food carts have been added to the program to offer a greater variety of international flavours, including Korean fusion, Baja-style tacos, matzo balls, seafood chowder and now Mom’s!! In 20100, 17 vendors helped launch the City’s expanded food-cart program with menus that included pulled pork, dim sum, crepes and Pan Asian offerings. Up to 15 new street food vending locations will pop up each year in Vancouver in the coming years.

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6 thoughts on “About/The Scene

  1. Hey, great food truck idea! One thing though, are you ever looking into being open on at least one weekend day? I know a bunch of people who have been waiting for a grilled cheese truck including myself, and now we have found you but no one works downtown and your hours are only during the week. Please think about it because you would have even a bigger following if there was at least one weekend day option as well!!!


    • Kate!
      I’d love to feed you on the weekend! I’m currently training staff, so I can have them run it without me. I’ve got a year and a half year old at home, and have reserved weekends for her only! I’ll let you know when we’re ready to fly!

  2. Hey!! Cindy it was so nice to meet you today and I really loved what I have for lunch!!! I think you have one of the best food trucks in Vancouver!!


  3. Cindy and Crew! I had a great experience with you today and I thought I should pass it on to you. My niece was visiting and we decided to find a street food vendor. We walked around and looked at a lot of menus and picked your truck based on the enthusiasm of those in the very long line and the yummy menu. We were not disappointed. Great food and service! We shared a generous grilled cheddar on multigrain. A special thanks to everyone who made my very shy niece feel comfortable and important while she made her order. I noticed everyone who came to order or pick up, was acknowledged and left with a smile. It seemed to come naturally to all of you. I think it ( and the awesome food) has a lot to do with the people flocking to your truck, while the others had steady yet short lines… Way to go and Thank you!

  4. Hi Cindy – Tried your food experience just by chance for the first time today and was pleasantly surprised! I didn’t realize it was ‘cheese only’ on the sandwiches but the young woman taking the order filled me in and it was all good. Continued success with your operation. I felt a little guilty watching you working so hard preparing all that food. All the best, Dave

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