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2 thoughts on “Press

  1. Hello Cindy,

    I became your biggest new fan today. (The big guy named Glenn, with the walker towards the end of the day). Your food is colossal, and the organization is Top Notch. I do think your website needs some work though. Too many posts or replies that are not recent enough. You need a space devoted to customer response. People will compliment you on your food and that will translate better than anything I know into new business. Just thoughts. email me if you would like to hear more of my unsolicited opinions. Your generosity and warm spirit will make you a success no matter what so: fair winds and following seas. Glenn

  2. Moms Grilled Cheese is the bomb – we ordered Hot Pepper, Bacon and Havarti and it was literally heaven in a sandwich.
    Thank you guys so much for your excellent service and delicious food!

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