Sunday Food Cart Fest is Back!!

Food cart fest 2015Food Cart Fest Vancouver is back on, come see Mom this Sunday as the city’s top food carts presented by Vancity gather at Olympic Village for food, sun, markets, live music, DJs, kids activities and more for only $2.50 admission or free with a non-perishable food donation to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. See you Sunday!

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Amazing Grilled Cheese!

Amazing Moms Grilled Cheese TruckJust asked Manny, who stopped by last week for an amazing Baby Daddy grilled cheese, here at Mom’s grilled Cheese Truck! No doubt, the weather has turned, spring has unofficially sprung on the West coast. So get yourself down here this week for lunch, we are at Robson and Howe Streets, back-side of the Vancouver Art Gallery beside Robson Square. See you soon :)

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Sunny Daze

Suny Day Moms Grilled Cheese TruckWe are open Saturday & Sunday, and there is nothing but sun shine forecast. Gotta love the West coast winter, bring your sun screen and appetite. Although it is hard to actually bring your appetite, as it exists in all higher life-forms, and serves to regulate adequate energy intake to maintain metabolic needs. It is regulated by a close interplay between the digestive tract, adipose tissue and the brain. Just sayin.

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Who has The Best Grilled Cheese In Vancouver? had a great post a while ago asking who has the best grilled cheese in Vancouver, and we wanted to share it with you. So, directly from the book of plagiarism, here is some fun stuff about Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck and Taser’s (who we love)….but it really isn’t plagiarism because we are crediting, using “quotation marks” like Austin Powers does and linking directly to the article and their landing page, right……. :)

“The ultimate icons of cheesy goodness can be prepared for both the simplest palette or the most adventurous sandwich connoisseur and while most everyone knows how to make their own grilled cheese sandwich, not everyone carries around a sandwich press. Luckily, Vancouver has two GC specific food carts so it’s possible to have your favourite lunchtime sandwich even when you aren’t in your kitchen. Let’s take a closer look at Mom’s and Taser’s, Vancouver’s dynamic grilled cheese duo. Read more here 

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Grilled Cheese Ninja vs. Beverly Hills Ninja

Who would win the battle in a head-to-head competition? In the blue corner, Chris Farley was the Beverly Hills Ninja Haru in the 1997 movie. A classic dumb-comedy where the 300lb ninja was raised by clan of ninjas and stumbled and bumbled his way through solving a counterfeit and murder mystery. In the blue corner, Kyo…..Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck’s grilled cheese ninja! Let the battle begin!

Eating Grilled Cheese
Beverly Hills Ninja: Can easily eat numerous grilled cheeses, to the point of excess
Grilled Cheese Ninja: Can eat one grilled cheese, then is too full and has a tummy ache
Edge: Beverly Hills Ninja

Can attack in a kitchen quickly and decisively, eliminating the threat of resistance
Beverly Hills Ninja: Can only attack food, and can be heard eating in a debris of gluttony
Grilled Cheese Ninja: Silent, efficient and you’ll never know what hit you
Edge: Grilled Cheese Ninja

Endurance, dexterity and luck increases critical strike damage
Beverly Hills Ninja: Well, he did get lucky a lot
Grilled Cheese Ninja: His endurance and dexterity around the grill dazzles his competition into submission
Edge: Grilled Cheese Ninja

Its official, Kyo is the master ninja! Stop by today and watch Mom’s grilled cheese ninja in action and remember a clean Ninja is less likely to torture you. A happy Ninja is a ninja less likely to kill you. A naked Ninja has no place to hide his weapons. Until we meet again, enjoy the Beverly Hills Ninja in action

Chris Farley as Hibachi Chef in Beverly Hills Ninja

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Sick? A Perscription For Roasted Tomato Soup

Mom’s official blogger Jeff has been sick this week, sorry. He’s resting quietly with his nurse at his side, sponge bath is at 2:30PM. We’ll  have some fresh material up soon.

By the way, Mom’s Roasted Tomato Soup topped with basil mascarpone is just what the doctor recommends when you are fighting a cold. Mmmmmm

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Breaking News – Grilled Cheese Causes Muscles

Yes it’s true, grilled cheese causes muscles! Clearly as seen in this flex-off between Calvin and Mom…..the special way in which Mom’s grilled cheese is prepared causes muscle cells and their protein filaments that slide past one another to grow, producing a contraction that changes both the length and the shape of the cell. Obviously this cheese and muscle miracle is primarily responsible for maintenance of and changes in posture when people eat at Mom’s. The locomotion of the organism itself, as well as movement of internal organs, such as the contraction of the heart and movement of food through the digestive system via peristalsis will never be the same. Is there a Nobel Prize for cheese?

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Gave away lots of free soup today, however, we hear it’s going to be even colder tomorrow….will free chili help? Pass word is….you have to sing at least one line of ‘Michelle’ a la Beatles to the lovely lady who takes your order!!!

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Fit For Life

Yummy, Healthy, Delicious! Not our MO, but MAN is it good! A shout out today to Fit For Life…can’t have ‘Mom’s’ every day of the week!!!

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Ali’s Birthday Special

Ali is my trusted sidekick on Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck, and it’s his birthday tomorrow..Come by for a ‘Hot And Spicy Ali’…Hot Cappicola, Spiced Gouda on some awesome Artisan Country Bread!!!! Don’t forget to give Ali the gears about turning 28!!!

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