Special Guest Appearance

Who will be the celebrity or high profile guest that makes the draw for free grilled cheese for one year on October 5th at 3;01 PM? Perhaps Brad Pitt? Maybe Megan Fox? Ya, not likely!

Hhmmmm………….. now you are curious? Inquiring minds want to know! Stay tuned for more details to follow. Happy Friday everyone!! You’ve almost made it through the week, treat yourself to a grilled cheese for lunch today. See you soon.

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The Grilled Cheese Nazi

No grilled cheese for you Brandon! We say that jokingly. Brandon is a regular, he eats like a king as reported earlier this year.  He is such an eater, we have disqualified him from Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck’s free grilled cheese for a year contest.

Sorry buddy, but after an executive meeting behind closed doors…. we think you’d eat us out of business.

Clearly, the inspiration for today’s post came directly from the classic Soup Nazi character on Seinfeld. You’ve gotta love YouTube, you can find anything on it.


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World’s Biggest Grilled Cheese

Did you know, Cabot Cheese holds the Guinness® World Record  for The World’s Largest Grilled Cheese Sandwich, created November 2000 in Everglades City, Florida and it weighed 320 lbs! Just imagine, a 320 pound grilled cheese…….mmmmmmmm, and so much ketchup too. We couldn’t find a picture of the jumbo grilled cheese, however the biggest burger picture offers you a glimpse of the size of a 300 lb burger, so you can probably visualize how big the grilled cheese would be. The only thing better than the biggest grilled cheese in the world, would be winning free grilled cheese for one year from Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck! Visit us on Friday October 5th for lunch to win.

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The G-Force Visits Mom’s

We had a very special guest appearance this past week at Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck, the queen of all she reins over……….Mom’s (Cindy) 90 year old Grandmother Helen who was visiting from Toronto. Grandma, affectionately known as GG, or the Big G or G-Force stopped by for a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich, she loves the Havarti. Grandma also got to visit with her 2 year old great grand-daughter (on the back of Mom’s truck), 11 year old great grand-daughter (The Sweet Val) and 12 year old great grand-son (The Jackson 3). Grandma was making grilled cheese sandwiches before they went mainstream and became hip…..that’s where it all started with a classic homemade grilled cheese and some Heinz Ketchup for dippin’. Mmmmmmm, good living. Thanks for visiting us Grandma!!!! Don’t forget to check out how to win free grilled cheese for one year.

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The A Team – I Pity The Fool……

You may remember The A-Team…..Mr. T as BA Baracus, “I pity the fool”. Well Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck has her own A Team, although they don’t blow up as many cars or destroy buildings.

Enjoy the video below and let us introduce you to Mom’s Cheese Team. Oh, don’t forget to read about how to win free grilled cheese for one year.





Mom's Grilled Cheese Truck – The Team

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Free Grilled Cheese For 1 Year!!! — Press Release

September 21, 2012 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Vancouver, BC – Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck will be giving away a prize of free grilled cheese sandwiches for one year.

This amazing give away will be taking place at Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck’s usual location at the corner of Robson Street and Howe Street in downtown Vancouver, BC on Friday October 5, 2012. Mom’s Grilled Cheese Tuck is celebrating their first anniversary and a year of tremendous success as one of Vancouver’s premier street food vendors. To show their appreciation, Mom’s is offering two very special free grilled cheese promotions. For regulars, they will be giving out a coupon for a free lunch. For all customers, one lucky person who has lunch will win grilled cheese sandwiches for an entire year! Think about that…….stop by Mom’s once a day and have a grilled cheese sandwich at no cost, on the house, a free-B, no charge……courtesy of Mom any time for one year! In order to be eligible, you have to stop by Mom’s for lunch on October 5th and enter to win!!

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck owner Cindy Hamilton said, “we really appreciate the amazing and continual support for our business, no other business in Vancouver is as lucky as we are with the great regulars we have”.

About Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck: Originally from London Ontario, Cindy Hamilton started Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck in October 2011. Very quickly, Mom’s has become one of Vancouver’s premier street food vendors and a hands-on owner who’s personality goes perfectly with her popular gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.  As a 20 year veteran of the food industry including restaurant, catering and movie/TV Craft Services, Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck is located downtown Vancouver daily at the corner of Howe Street and Robson Street by the Vancouver Art Gallery. Cindy offers up her vast “foodie” experience with popular favorites like The Meatloaf Grilled Cheese, The Hot Angie and The Jackson 3.


Contact Information:
Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck
Corner of Robson & Howe Streets
Contact: Cindy Hamilton
Vancouver, BC



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Free Grilled Cheese For 1 Year!!!

Yes it is true, free grilled cheese for 1 year!!!                                                                                                                                            But you’ll have to check in tomorrow to learn more about this incredible give away to one lucky customer.

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30 Food Trucks In 30 Days – Go Marc!!!

Marc Smith has a passion for social media, and he is out conducting what he calls 30 Day Adventures  all around Vancouver…. telling his story on his blog and social media accounts. On his current adventure, Marc is exploring the street food carts of Vancouver’s amazing street scene……it’s 30 Food Trucks In 30 Days!!!! After this adventure, Marc might have to do the Jenny Craig 30 day adventure next. Good on ya Marc, it’s great to see how exciting and vibrant our street food scene has become. On September 13th, Marc stopped by Mom’s with Dawn Chubai and they dove in head first to the cheese. Thanks Marc, come visit us again any time, we love ya, cheers!

30 Day Adventure Video

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Puss In Boots With Cheese

Supporting our community, Mom`s Grilled Cheese Truck made a special appearance last night at Trafalgar Elementary School  in Vancouver for movie night……Puss In Boots was playing. Thanks to all the families who stopped by to enjoy some of Mom`s grilled cheese delights. We had a great time and one thing also became very apparent aside from the fact that kids go CRAZY for grilled cheese…….the seasons are changing and it gets dark really early now. Keep your eyes open for kids in the school zones and slow down. Happy Friday, you made it through the week!

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Sunny With a Chance of Cheese

OK, no excuses people. Summer is almost gone and this week may be your last chance to get out for lunch into some summer sunshine!

The forecast for the next three days is nothing but sunshine, with a 100% chance of more sunshine. Today’s special The Hot Angie, tomorrow is The Jackson 3 and Friday its The La Di Da. We’ll see you this week at Mom’s for the best grilled cheese in Vancouver!

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