Pig Out, Dude!

This summer has been so busy, off the scale! We are lined up 10 or 20 deep every lunch hour….thank you so much again to everyone!! What are the people ordering these days? Everything is the answer, however the two big items seems to be The Fat Elvis with chocolate banana peanut butter…AND bacon.

This gal knows how to eat!!!



Now pig out! The Hot Angie with double cheese.

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Grilled Cheese For The Homeless

After a last minute cancellation of a group order for a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches by the folks at Oakridge Mall, Mom’s was left with a lot of wasted food. Instead of tossing it all away and wasting it, we decided to drive by Pigeon Park downtown Vancouver and offer some great Mom’s sandwiches to the homeless people. The sandwiches were a big hit!

About 3700 people are currently homeless in Vancouver, if you feel like offering support, a couple great places to start are Quest Food Exchange and Lookout.

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Hardbite This!

The last time you were at Mom’s for lunch, you probably noticed those incredible chips that all our grilled cheese sandwiches come with. You may even have wondered……who makes these incredible chips? Well, today you get a little lesson on one of Mom’s supply partners, Hardbite Chips.

For Wes Heppell and Pete Schouten, potato farming has been in their family’s since 1920. Today, Hardbite Chips, not only uses the best potatoes and limited ingredients in their Maple Ridge BC facility, but they also make a chip that isn’t horrible for you! Yay! These chips have no artificial anything in them. No GMO or MSG, no trans fat or cholesterol, they are low in salt and gluten free. On top of that, the company is all about sustainability. In every Hardbite bag is a commitment to support sustainability in farming. From seed to chip, they’re produced and made locally, giving back to the communities that provide Hardbite with its ingredients and inspiration. A great chip that gives back, very cool!

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Elvis Is In The House

Sunny, highs approaching 30 degrees and blue skies! No better place on earth on a beautiful day than Vancouver……..and it’s an ideal day to come down for lunch to Mom’s for a grilled cheese. If you feel like something a little different and decadent, why don’t you try what a great couple we met from New York City tried, The Fat Elvis! Peanut butter and banana with a sprinkle of smoked sea salt on white. Yes, you too can eat like the King. Check out the King in action in Hawaii in 1973, lay included! Thank you very much.

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