I’m Not The Soup Nazi, Honestly!

“No soup for you!”. Remember The Soup Nazi from the TV sitcom Seinfeld? Very funny stuff! Let’s turn the table and talk about the not so good side of soup……..sorry, after trying my soup yesterday at the end of the day, I realized I somehow managed to over-salt it. It really wasn’t good and I apologize to anyone who bought some yesterday. If you did, please stop by, it would be my pleasure to offer you a free replacement. Free soup for you!!!


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No Onions For Handsome John

This is not actually handsome John, but you get the idea ladies!

Mom`s is all about the good old fashion comfort food and the personal touch we try to offer all our customers. We have a client named John, handsome John! Handsome John loves the meatloaf grilled cheese sandwich, topped with marinara sauce, and surrounded with melted mozzarella and parmesan. However, the onions in the meatloaf aren`t what handsome John likes, so we`ve done a special no onion meatloaf this week for handsome John. The personal touch matters it keeps people happy and creates good cheese karma. Handsome John won`t be able to eat all the no onion meatloaf, so if you like the sound of it, just ask if there is any more left.

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Gluten Free Bread & Spring Has Arrived!

Spring has sprung, finally and officially! The question of the day; is it sacrilegious by sandwich standards, to use gluten free bread? Not at all. In fact, Mom’s customers ask for it and we wanted to remind everyone that your grilled cheese comfort food can be made on gluten free bread.  Gluten free bread does not have to be similar to hockey pucks, it can be made right. Mom’s know how to make it, trust me.

Just in case you didn’t know, gluten free is an alternative bread for people who have celiac disease or reaction issues to typical ingredients in normal bread. Now there are no excuses to hesitate or delay your visit to Mom’s for lunch. Come on down and be a gluten for punishment, I know, that’s pretty bad :)

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A Shamrock Sunday For All Yesterday, TGIM!

Thanks to everyone who was out yesterday for our special weekend St. Patrick’s Day Parade Sunday opening. That sounds as silly as ABC’s special Thursday night edition of Monday night football. Anyway, an estimated 150,000 lined the parade route and we were blast!!

This wasn’t your average St. Patty’s Day Parade either. Vancouver’s finest in blue started the parade off with their VPD Motorcycle Drill Team. THE RCMP marched, the Army was here, floats of dancers, cops on horseback, a modern mixing of culture was clear with the Gung Haggis Fat Choy troop, the Lt. Col. J. P. Fell Pipe Band made music, the Terminal City Roller Girls rolled the streets, the Black Sheep Morris Dancers danced a jig, vintage cars cruised, the VFD Ladder Truck #7 was there and lots of candy for the kids was handed out..

Thanks to everyone who made it out and kept us busy. We are back at it today, TGIM. We’ll see you this week for lunch back at our normal spot.

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Open Today – Green Guinness Grilled Cheese For The Parade

Mom’s is open at 10:00AM today at the North-West corner of Howe & Georgia. The Vancouver St. Patrick’s Day parade starts at 11:00AM. We’ll be serving green Guinness grilled cheese.

Come and sink your teeth into this gourmet St. Patty’s Day delight for lunch. Cheers!

“St. Patrick’s Day is here, you see.
We’ll pick some shamrocks, one, two, three.
We’ll count the leaves and look them over,
And maybe find a four-leafed clover.
I’ll sew green buttons on my vest,
Green for St. Patrick is the best.
I’ll wear a green hat, very high,
And dance a jig–at least I’ll try!”

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Green Grilled Cheese For The St. Patty’s Day Parade

Mom’s is going to open up for business this Sunday for the Vancouver St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Right now, CelticFest  is running and the bag-pipers were out in full force today around our location.

CelticFest is Western Canada’s biggest annual Celtic festival with lots of Celtic music, dance, spoken word as well as film, fooda nd fare and the much-anticipated St. Patrick’s Day Parade!! We’ll be somewhere just off the parade route near Howe Street, so keep an eye out here on our site, Twitter or Facebook pages for exactly where we’ll be set up. We’ll actually have green bread too!

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Spring Break 1-Hour Vacation Idea

You might be reading this during your spring break here in Vancouver. Perhaps it just isn’t your year to get away to the sunshine and you have the kids on their two-week break from school? Here’s an idea to help pass the day and keep the kids entertained, come down to Mom’s for lunch! Kids and grilled cheese go hand in hand. Imagine how pumped up the kids will be when you tell them they can make their own custom grilled cheese. If they are anything like my niece and nephew…..they’ll probably go with, cheese. Yup, just cheese. Kids do like it simple. Let’s call them traditionalists. The kids also love our selection of Pop Shoppe pops, old school pop you can tell them. The small cups of home made chili are also a big hit! The kids will love our deserts……Sweet Little Vals or The Phat Elvis!!

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You Like Me. You Really Like me!

To borrow a famous quote from Sally Field when she won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1984 “You like me. You really like me!” The comments and reviews on Urban Spoon have been so great, thanks everyone, you really do like me! Sorry, that really is a cheesy play on words. We’ve been referred to as “buttery, crunchy and gooey concoction known as the grilled cheese” and our roasted tomato soup has been called “amazing” and “truly delicious”. Unfortunately, you can’t please everyone, but we sure try.

On a cold day like today with snow forecast at higher elevations and the high downtown only hitting 7, it’s the perfect day to come down to Mom’s for some warm comfort food at lunch time.

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