Dine Out Indeed!

Wow. That’s all Mom has to say about the last three days of ‘Dine Out-Out Side’. Sheesh. Thanks to all that came out. In the rain, in the sun, in the crazy line ups! We’re back to our regular spot tomorrow, Howe and Georgia. A special thanks to James and Lindsay for making it all happen. You guys rock!

We miss you Alex!

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Occupy Your Belly! Dine Out -Out Side.

Come check out all Vancouver’s top food trucks on the North side of the Vancouver Art Gallery. We’ll have tents, tables, chairs…and heaters! Lot’s of great deals, and so, so much good food. Open from 11 am ’till 3 for lunch. Look forward to feeding you!

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Gave away lots of free soup today, however, we hear it’s going to be even colder tomorrow….will free chili help? Pass word is….you have to sing at least one line of ‘Michelle’ a la Beatles to the lovely lady who takes your order!!!

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Free Shots of Soup!

Now that winter is here, standing in line at ‘Mom’s’ will be a lot nicer with a free shot of soup to keep your hands warm. All you need is the pass word…’Mom’s Hot!’. Flattery might not get you every where, but it’ll get you some free soup! Looking forward to feeding you this week.

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Best Monday ever!!! So happy to see so many familiar faces today! Many thanks go out to Carson, Alex and the gang for stopping by! Same goes for Alex, Brighton, Susan, Danny…the list could go on and on. So grateful for having so many awesome customers!!!
Now that I’ve buttered you all up, anybody who wants to back Mom up even more can go to Urban Spoon website www.urbanspoon.com and give us a glowing review. Looking forward to sunny skies, smiling faces, and many, many grilled cheeses this week!

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Old Spice Guy!!!

Isaiah had a Jackson Three and a Cheddar, Pepperjack and Tomato! Don't you just love a guy that can eat...and still wash his clothes on his stomach!

Hello fans.  Look at your lunch.  Now back to mine.  Now back at your lunch.  Now back to mine.  Sadly, yours isn’t mine.  But if you worked on Howe St., and surprised and delighted your customers, your lunch could look like mine.  Look down.  Back up.  Where are you?  You’re in front of a bunch of protesters with the man whose lunch, your lunch could look like.  Look down.  What’s in your hand?  Now back to me.  I have it; 2 slices of Sourdough surrounding melted brie.  Look again.  The sandwich is now diamonds!  Anything is possible when your food truck is generated too much buzz. I’m on the horse.

Isaiah Mustafa, thee Old Spice Guy stopped by Mom’s, not once, but TWICE today for sandwiches. Ladies, he’s as nice on the inside, as he is on the out. A pleasure feeding you today man!!!

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