Your Dream Grilled Cheese Come True!

Calling all grilled cheese lovers!!! What’s your favorite? Looking for ideas for specials. Send us your recipe, and we’ll make it the ‘special of the day’…and you eat for free!!!

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Breaking Grilled Cheese News!

Breaking news….Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck is almost ready to roll. The custom kitchen work is done, now it’s time for the vehicle wrap advertising to go on and a quick tune up. The vehicle wrap is done by my buddy Jonathan Glen at Canawrap.  They are a specialized, high impact, vehicle, marine and architectural wrap design, production and installation facility. When you see a vehicle driving around that is covered in amazing advertising, this is the guy that does it. The creation process is very cool. They have also done many of the other food carts you see around Vancouver, like The Roaming Dragon you see featured in this picture. Check their site out at Canawrap. It’s ssooooo close!!!

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Start Planning, April Is National Grilled Cheese Month!

Mark your calendar for next April…..its National Grilled Cheese Month! I’m not kidding either. Who the heck doesn’t love a grilled cheese in April? Finally, next April you’ll have an entire month to celebrate and dive into grilled cheese! With so many ways to make this delicious classic meal time treat like in a fry pan with butter or spray oil…a Panini maker or some of the creative ways we do it at Mom’s, you’ll have to mark your Outlook or iCal calendars for this incredible event……OK, maybe it’s not that incredible, but it’s a great reason to get out to Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck right?

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Mom’s To Challenge in 2012 National Grilled Cheese Invitational?

Watch out, Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck might challenge in 2012 for the 9th Annual National Grilled Cheese Invitational in Los Angeles.  This year’s hot cheesy event combined a grand total of over 30,000 grilled cheese sandwiches available for eating pleasure! The GCI has once again partnered with Tillamook Cheese  as an exclusive cheese sponsor and they offered up samples of their medium and sharp cheddar cheese as well as serving up thousands of samples of Grilled Cheese.

Competitors must be prepared to cook at least five regular sized “sammiches” for judging purposes. Those five “sammiches” are cut into quarters, thereby creating the twenty possible votes from the salivating judges. Consistency is a key element to a “sammich’s” performance! Each competitor will have only 50 minutes to complete their grilling.

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Grilled Cheese After $590 Million

OK, grilled cheese and soup is all the rage, seriously!! Jonathan Kaplan abandoned technology for the life of a foodie. Who the heck is Jonathan Kaplan? Good question…….Kaplan is best known as the founder of the Flip handheld camcorder and he sold it to Cisco in 2009 for $590 million. How does this tie into grilled cheese? Another good question!

Turns out, Jonathan Kaplan and Cindy Hamilton have a lot in common, and it’s not bank accounts with big bucks. Kaplan announced that his next big thing is The Melt, a new fast food joint that specializes in grilled cheeses and soups. “The Melt is a new fast casual eatery that combines innovative technology with simple, fresh quality meals. Blending gourmet taste into everyday classics,” according to the restaurant’s Twitter Feed.

The Melt has a booth at D9, but plans to soon have four locations in the Bay Area. Kaplan told Inside Scoop SF that The Melt hopes to have 500 locations by 2015. I think this grilled cheese thing is about to become the real deal!

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I Love It When a Plan Comes Together!

My blog/website & social media are basically done and have blended together beautifully….like the perfect grilled cheese sandwich! Just waiting on the Mom’s logo to upload to these places and the online marketing plan will all be in place. I love it when a plan comes together!

When I post on my blog, I can automatically push it to my Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Also, if you look at the bottom of all my posts on my blog, you can “Like”, “Share” and submit to StumbleUpon. I’m plugged in baby! If you have any feedback for me on my blog/website & social media, please let me know.

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Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck Blog & Website

It’s official, Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck Blog and Website is up and running!

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